[Geysers] Quick 11-11 Report

Mike Keller KSCOPE_YNP at peoplepc.com
Fri Nov 13 10:18:30 PST 2009

I was in the OF area on 11/11 and was able to spend a little time in the


Little Brother is still active, erupting about once a minute for a few
seconds reaching 3 to 10 feet.


White Geyser was seen several times while I was at the Snowlodge


Grand was 1112ie (1C)


Oblong was 1117ie.


The signs are still in place at Giant.  There is no indication that hot
periods are taking place.


Grotto was 1115ie and 2022ie, but not the same eruption.


Victory Geyser is still active.


Fan and Mortar appear to still be erupting.  There was no marker present so
I placed one in the usual spot.



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