[Geysers] Geyser report, October 29-30

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Sun Nov 1 07:39:17 PST 2009

Thanks, Tara. I didn't think I'd missed an earlier report on this... and I  
full well understand the relative lack of gazers.
Scott Bryan
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I did  not know until last night that no one had reported Great Fountain's 
wild phase  to the listserv.  I asked today and was told that the wild phase 
started  on Tuesday the 27th and the bursting action lasted about 2 days, 
on the 27th  and 28th.  I don't know if anyone checked today to see if it was 
out of  the intermittent cycling phase yet.  (Please realize that there are 
 essentially only 4 of us to cover all of the geysers and some things will 
be  inadvertently missed.)

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