[Geysers] Geyser report May 29

TSBryan at aol.com TSBryan at aol.com
Fri May 29 16:27:08 PDT 2009

Being here and there, I got just one Plume interval: 70.
Beehive was reported as Indicator 0059 and Beehive 0107; then Indicator ie 
as I drove past Three Sisters at 1405, Beehive 1409.
Lion 0538 ini, 0707ie, 0822, 1006.
Grand yesterday 1721 (T1C; I=8h44m), today 0020E (I only 6h59m, amazing), 
and tah-dah 1223 (G2Q, I=12h03m -- yes, fun).
Castle yesterday 1324 major, today 0341E minor and finally 1507 major 
(minor I=11h26m).
Oblong 0716.
Daisy 0703, 0919, 1129, and then I was away for awhile.
Grotto Fountain 0850 Grotto 0851; Rocket major 1155ie.
Riverside 0744 and 1402.
Artemisia 1346 (apparent interval 24h38m).
Great Fountain 1241
Fountain 1557ie.
Scott Bryan
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