[Geysers] Pygmy Geyser

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I seem to recall that Pygmy was under the old boardwalk and when the "new"
boardwalk was built Tom Hougham and Ann Deutch suggested some slight
realignments, one of which went around Pygmy and another jogged slightly
toward the edge of Geyser Hill to provide a view of Cascade Geyser.

Ralph Taylor 

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I am not 100% sure everyone in this thread has been talking about the same
feature. Not like any of us know how many holes are hidden under the loose
gravel on Geyser Hill.

In particular, Jeff Cross's post of seeing gravel sputter during Bronze
Spring reminded me of some moderately ancient history: in the fall of 1987
we took some friends on a Yellowstone weekend. On our Geyser Hill walk, we
heard a sputtering noise under the boardwalk in this same general area.
Peeking underneath there was some bubbling in loose gravel to an inch or so
high. (One of the friends was sufficiently impressed by a 12-year-old
predicting Old Faithful for her that she tried to name it after me; we told
her you couldn't name geysers after people, so she substituted "Gordwalk
Geyser" for it.) We made a note, in the margin of our old copy of Scott's
book, of the location: it was some distance east of the bend in the
boardwalk. I'd put it south of the "u" in Sulphide Spring on the map. For
the short time we stood there, it seemed to be continuously active.

On our next visit to the park, the site was filled in with fresh silt and
flooded by runoff. (I forget, at the moment, if this is Dome's runoff or the
easternmost runoff channel from Giantess - but it creates a big swamp that
oozes under the boardwalk and joins with Bronze Spring's runoff channel.)
Every now and then I returned to the spot in the early 90s; I never saw any
activity again. But if that swamp dried up, no reason why it couldn't have
broken out again.

>From the description, I wonder if Jeff saw a later incarnation of this
feature (which appears not to be the same as Pygmy as described by everyone
else in this thread.)


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