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A lot of discussion has been on Y Net and Facebook about this 


and the outcome of those people....

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> I was on business travel all last
> week.  When I looked over last weeks video I 
> found a surprise.  I was even more surprised that
> nothing seems to have made 
> it to the geyser list.  A group of six cone walkers
> were on Old Faithful's 
> cone for approximately 20 minutes on the evening of May
> 4.  A number of them 
> urinated on the cone, such a novel tradition, a two of them
> rooted around in 
> the catch basis.  One may have burned himself
> slightly, as he pulls his hands 
> up quickly and appears to drop a rock (20:53:31).  All
> in all, quite 
> infuriating.
> I'm not posting the video on the net but here are some
> captures.
> Dave
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