[Geysers] What is it--Identification of steam clouds

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Mon Dec 28 06:39:10 PST 2009

The steam cloud was from Grand Prismatic/ Excelsior.  It is common to  be 
seen from the UGB on the strong inversion days.
Here are some geyser times from my trips the past 3 days.
12/25/09     10:20    Till ie--- and  some great bursts out of Giantess!  
It is believed by the VC that Giantess  began on 12/24 at about 16:00 (the 
web cam may have a better start time).
12/26/09     14:36    Fountain  Start
12/27/09     14:02    Fountain  Start
I ran into Bill Warnock in the geyser grill the other day, it's always good 
 to see a gazer in the wintertime. The snow pack is dismal so far this 
year,  keeping most of the wildlife in the upper elevations.  This has been the  
slowest start for wildlife that we have had in the Northern Range in the 19 
 years I have been guiding. There is only about 200 to 300 bison in the 
Firehole  Valley, and none on the West Entrance so far. The Bobcat has been 
seen on the  West Entrance Road lately. 
The skiing at Big Sky has been great, thanks to a couple of storms that  
past just north of the park.  talking to the folks at the Snowlodge and at  
Big Sky Resort, it looks like January could be one of the slowest in 30 years 
in  the park.  If any of you are thinking about a winter trip, this may be a 
 great year to get the park to yourself. 
Jim Holstein
Yellowstone Tour Guides
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