[Geysers] Webcam times 12/8/09

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Tue Dec 8 16:40:17 PST 2009

Here are some times from the webcam on Tuesday 12/8/09  taken from the chat
( <http://yellowstone..paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly>
http://yellowstone.paulthompson.net/camchat/#StreamOnly) or seen by Pat
Snyder,  thank you for all the reports.   Nice warm day today, low of only
-6F overnight and high of +6F.  


Beehive 1312, Ind 1307, 

Depression 0734, 1116ie, 

Grand 0828ie, 1654ie, 

Lion 0930ie, 

OF 0652, 0815ie, ~0945ie, 1127ie, ~1305ie, 1436, 1602ie, 

Plume 1258, 1619ie, 

Riverside 1540ie,


Graham Meech


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