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Maybe I missed it, but can you also tell us what Steamboat did in 
A google showed 24 eruptions in 1964 and then only one in 1969, but was
labelled "incomplete".
I don't have any reliable data of my own.
Jim Graber

>>> Lynn Stephens <lstephens2006 at hotmail.com> 12/3/2009 11:19:03 PM

I agree a photo would help, and possible a bit more precision than


Based on Marler's monthly reports, it wasn't Link, Splendid (not
active), Morning (two eruptions in August), or Fan and Mortar (no
mention in Marler's monthly reports).


In his September 1966 report, Marler said Sapphire was active, but the
eruptions were small--

"Sapphire continues to erupt on about 15 minute intervals.  The heights
of its eruptions vary between about 3 and 20 feet."


Lynn Stephens


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Andrew – 
My first thought was Steamboat also.  It’s possible it was Link or
Splendid or Morning, or perhaps a large eruption of Sapphire.  Heck, it
could even have been Fan and Mortar.  You never know what someone means
when they say it’s been “a while” since a geyser last erupted.
A photo would help, as would an approximate date.
Paul Strasser

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Hello all,
  I'm wondering if you can help me with a geyser question from
someone's visit to Yellowstone a long time ago.
  My mother and her family visited Yellowstone in early to mid-June of
1966, as part of a larger swing through the western U.S. She, along with
my late grandfather, have told me stories about their time in the park.
My grandfather mentioned that they saw a "big, unusual geyser" erupt
while there. The rangers told him it was the first time the geyser had
erupted in a while. This has intrigued me ever since, and I'm curious as
to just what geyser it might have been. I know that Steamboat had some
eruptions that year, but not much else. Suggestions, anyone?
Thank you.
Andrew Hafner

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