[Geysers] Stories Wanted (Stephens)

Lynn Stephens lstephens2006 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 17 10:05:04 PDT 2008

Meg Justus's request for information sent me searching through the resources I have.  As I was researching, I started reading.  Then I started writing a series of "Little Bit" articles about the 1959 earthquake, using the theme of how the earthquake was reported.  (Those of you who subscribe to the Sput are familiar with the Little Bit columns, which range from technical analysis of geyser behavior patterns, such as the piece on Beehive that appeared in February, to whimsical, such as the Giant poetry and doggerel that appeared in the August 2007 issue.)  I envison the articles as a sort of semi-centennial tribute to the 1959 earthquake, starting in August 2008 and running through August 2009, the 50th anniversary of the earthquake, although there may be more than seven articles in the series, so the articles may start in The Sput in June 2008 and/or may continue appearing after August 2009.  I've already sent two columns to Tom and Genean and have several more in various stages of completion.  

One article I may add to the list of columns is a collection of personal stories from geyser gazers, a sort of "Where were you on August 17, 1959."  I'm looking your memories--whether first hand, passed down from family and/or friend, whatever the source.  The stories don't have to come from Yellowstone; for example, I have a story from a friend about his experiences here in Spokane that night.  The stories don't have to be about the night of August 17, 1959 either.  For example--Warnocks, I think you have some stories about Sapphire Pool, etc. on a later trip to Yellowstone.  The story might be about your first trip to the Quake Lake area, or your first trip to the Park after the earthquake, or the first time the 1959 earthquake became part of your "Yellowstone history."   (Vicky, I won't use the comments you posted on the listserv about your family's history and the source of Madison's name unless you send me permission.)  Once I get enough stories, I'll put them together into an article for The Sput.  You don't have to be a subscriber to the Sput to contribute stories for this article.  I'll also be collecting stories this summer while I'm in the Park from visitors, gazers, anyone I remember to ask!

You all have my personal email address since it's included in the posts--lstephens2006 at email.com.  I'll assume I have permission to incorporate any stories that are either posted on the listserv or sent to me at my personal email address in the article.  

Thanks for your help.

Genean and Tom:  Once you decide whether to run "A Grand Experience" as a "Little Bit" column in April or to run it as a separate article in April and use "Geysers in (Non-Yellowstone) Myths and Legends" as the April "Little Bit" column, let me know and I'll rework this request "Stories Wanted" for publication in the April Sput.

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