[Geysers] Bryan Mysteries

Nathan Dutzmann nathandutz at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 3 18:44:17 PST 2008

I could certainly be wrong, but I think Bryan Mystery 7-08 may be my favorite little geyser -- "Tuft" in the White Creek Group.  I was waiting for Tuft last year when I saw my first ever pine marten.  I distinctly remember the event because it was the only time the entire trip that I hadn't bothered bringing my camera with me.  Ain't it always the way...
  Nathan Dutzmann

SCOTT BRYAN <tsbryan_380 at msn.com> wrote:
          I know my Bryan Mystery 12-08 would be easy. yes, Artesia Geyser, with Firehole Lake and then the old Three Senses Nature Trail beyond. The photo was taken in September 1974.
  I don't think any of the photos I've got scanned right now are going to be any huge problem, but here is Bryan Mystery 7-08
  Scott Bryan
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