[Geysers] Beehive activity in recent weeks

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I was in the park 2/18-2/24.  I would be surprised if Beehive had erupted on
the 19th but it could have.  It was a nice sunny day with a lot of people
around given it was Presidents Day too.  I think someone would have seen it
and reported it so close to mid-day.  I saw no evidence of any icing on the
boardwalk either.  However, there was a strong wind blowing to the east that
day so it is possible the water blew away from the runoff channel.  I was
down-basin at 1130.  I have pictures of the steam being whipped away from
Little Squirt an hour earlier and from Sawmill an hour later. 


All week the bubblers were very active and Beehive made a little noise but I
saw no splashes from it.  On the morning of 2/24 I walked by Beehive and it
was noisier than it had been all week and for the first time that week I
made a mental note that I thought it might erupt during the day although I
still didn't see any splashes.  It then erupted while I was down-basin.


Graham Meech.



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...  In February there are two eruptions on 1 February, then none until 24
February, with one possible eruption on 19 February at about 11:30.  .

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