[Geysers] F K Warren book

Gary Einstein einstein at usa.net
Wed Mar 14 18:01:09 PDT 2007

As a follow-up to Scott's posting, I've searched in google books for 
-Yellowstone & Geyser_ and came across 4 old articles and books:

    The California Illustrated Magazine
    A Trip to America
    Wonders of the Yellowstone
    California Illustrated

All are old articles or books and very interesting.

Attached is an engraving, showing a group of Lilliputians studying an 

Also the authors were complaining about the terraces at Mamouth drying up.

Gary Einstein

TSBryan at aol.com wrote:
> Every now and then I mount yet another attempt to learn something -- 
> anything ! -- about artist T Hildebrand [ ? possibly Hildibrand], but 
> so far nothing. Montana Historical Society; YNP and Whittlesey, and 
> etc. etc. have been able to provide no info about this guy who 
> produced woodcut engravings of such things as Castle, Giant, etc. 
> (usually copying either early Jackson photos or similar woodcuts by 
> other artists). One place where two or three of Hildebrand's 
> engravings appeared is F. K Warren's _California Illustrated, 
> includign a trip through Yellowstone Park.... with numerous wood 
> engravings, by the best artists".
> Anyhow all that being an aside, today I found that this book is among 
> those that have been digitized by Google Books. The Yellowstone 
> chapter (at the end of the book) contains interesting reading 
> (description of Norris: "Ugh ! how it smells !" ). I located the book 
> via a Google search by entering "California Illustrated F. K. Warren" 
> (without the quote marks). It can be downloaded as an ~6MB PDF.
> Has anybody else located neat stuff in Google Books?
> Scott Bryan
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