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Fri Mar 9 08:37:43 PST 2007

Just for the record... In one of those near-random Internet searches, I  
encountered a Webpage by the China Tibet Information Center. this notes the  
geysers at Dagyai as the most significant in all of China. I feel that this  place 
is almost undoubtedly the same as Dagyel Chuja = Dagajia (names often  spelled 
with "T" rather than "D"), but values cited are rather different from  any 
I've encountered before -- previous references in hand never have cited more  
than 4 geysers. This description cites about 100 geysers with eruptions as high  
as "40 to 50 meters."
I also found that 2 km east of Qupu (which I've had as a questionable  geyser 
locale) are the springs of Tangoquiasa, where there are three explosion  
craters in which "pools of boiling water burst in uproar."
Scott Bryan
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