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     Thanks again for all of your postings.  They have made life easier to cope with outside of the Park.  Safe trip home and we'll see you next year.  Kitt
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  So, I did get into the park for a short while today, in the basins roughly from 0700 to 1100. But really, this is my last report of 2006. :-(

  Grotto was in marathon this morning. It had also been in marathon all day yesterday, apparently. So you'd think that today's was a continuation of yesterday's. However, although Bijou etc. were thoroughly dead, the water level was quite high in The GIP, Variable was down not more than 1 1/2 inches, and Marathon was down only slightly.

  Here's a rather amazing item: per the electronic download, from last evening into today, Daisy erupted at 2155E, 0055E, 0355E and 0655E. So said the computer.

  Oblong was 1002ie. (And I had not seen Daisy by that time, even though it must have been 7 minutes overdue.)

  Grand was yesterday at 1624 (I=10h 04m), then 0010 (I=7h 46m), and 0856 (T1C, I=8h 46m).

  We saw uncertain at 0839.

  The two intervals I got on Plume this morning were 63 and 57 minutes.

  Evidently, the big steam cloud Steve Eide and I saw from near Beauty Pool at about 0800 was Beehive. The west bubblers had been on as of about 0700, and they were off along with a _very_ quiet Beehive at 0845. So Beehive's interval was somewhere near 20 3/4 hours.

  Driving in, I caught Pink Cone at 0700ns.

  Driving out I managed to see A-0 Geyser -- a rather different "last geyser of the year."

  After that, though, I did observe that Pebble, which had been near overflow on the inbound drive, was drained nearly empty (like, 3 feet down) at 1050. However, the surroundings and runoffs of both Crack and Gemini were dry.

  That's it! Southbound at dawn tomorrow. See you on the internet this winter, in the basins in 2007.

  Scott Bryan


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