[Geysers] Giant, probably early Tuesday

carolyn loren caroloren98 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 17 10:05:43 PST 2006

David Goldberg saw the Giant and danger signs washed down to the base around mid-day Tuesday 11/14.  By the looks of things he thought it likely erupted early Tuesday.  I have nothing to add since I was spending all my money in Bozeman.

Again, if anyone's reading this right away, it's Friday 11/17 and Old Faithful erupted at 1036, a long.   Plume was 1020, Little Cub i.e. 1025, and I may be missing Grand by spending time in here.  

The skiing's getting better, and it's really quiet here.  The third yurt is nearly done, and someone's working on arctic entries for the temporary VC.  The old one is fenced off, the shingles on the sides are gone, and the side upper windows are covered with plyboard, I'm guessing since the roof won't be cleared this winter.  

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