[Geysers] Geyser report 11/4/06

Tara Cross fanandmortar at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 4 23:16:45 PST 2006

Today was cloudy and windy.  Not much snow fell, but the wind had a bite that made it uncomfortable to be out in the basin, especially on Geyser Hill.

Once again, Beehive was not seen in daylight hours, and neither were the bubblers.

Lion had an initial at 1143ie, and I think that was the only eruption of the series.

Aurum erupted at 0810, 1211, and 1655.

Grand erupted at 0722ie, 1418 (T1Q), and 2153ns.

Daisy erupted at 1210ie, 1624ie, and 2017ie.

Oblong erupted at 0316, 0726ns, 1430ie, and 1940ie.

Riverside erupted at 0226ie, 0858ie, ??, and 2207ie.

Now for the annoying part of my report:  Giant.  I'll just run down the events in chronological order:

After the marathon recovery hot period at 1918 on 11/3, there were no hot periods until

0009 Giant hot period (d~6m), Mastiff surged early to 3 feet but then was mostly flat, Feather Satellite
0118 Giant hot period (d=3m)
0309 Giant hot period (d=8m40s) India 95% covered, very strong restart with good vertical surging to halfway up Giant's cone
0325ie Grotto Fountain
0332 Grotto
0405 Bathtub
0535 Bathtub
0640 Bathtub

It was about this time that we realized that Grotto was having another marathon.  We hoped it would last, but
~1300 Grotto off, duration ~ 9.5 hours.
We realized we were in mini marathon hell.  The recovery hot period was sometime before 1725 and was weak; there was no water on India at all.

1858 Giant hot period (d=2m15s), just Feather and SW vents
2049 Giant hot period (d~5m), Feather Satellite started about 40 seconds after Feather, India 40% covered
2221 Giant hot period (d=10m10s).  We couldn't see what Mastiff was doing but India was covered, and it appeared to be a pretty strong hot period.

Since it was starting to rain, we did not stay to see when Grotto would start.

One more shot tomorrow.

--Tara Cross
fanandmortar at hotmail.com

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