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1. The cone looks like Castle, the eruption like Lone Star.  Echoing the wit who observed that the Inn's painting of OF was actually a Beehive eruption moved over to the OF setting, I would say that it is a Lone Star eruption placed on Castle.  Or maybe, Castle just "playing" as it does between eruptions.
2. Not being an artist or painting expert, I would refer you to www.artsig.com, where one can get artwork evaluated by supposedly experienced people.  (N.B.: "artSIG", a free site, is owned by our son's company, and it DOES show advertisements, without which it would not be sustainable.  Susie has posted some geyser photos on the sibling site "photoSIG", where the critics are more demanding than on artSIG.  It's a techies/artists distinction, photo people tending to be heavily technocratic.)
  Bill Boyce
(@ UGB w/Susie last half of June, & @ OFI in Sept, probably Labor Day ff)

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> Oops. Sorry about the lack of picture. I simply blew it (again), so here's  
> another try...
> -----
> Here is a painting, acrylic 18X24. The photo does not really do it justice,  
> as it loses some resolution as well as significant texture. The artist (who  
> happens to be my wife) wishes to know:
> 1. What does it show? Is it recognizable?
> 2. Beyond that, what do you think of it?
> Comments welcome.
> Scott Bryan

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