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On the plus side, when it got here, it was a REALLY good issue!  Great work to all, especially Lynn on her story of John.


P.S. Perhaps that postal rate increase was to cover costs of storage?
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  To all subscribers,

  The December issue was mailed Friday 12/30/05.  I received my copy (I mail one to myself as a control of the process) Friday 1/20/06 - three weeks later!!  Please take the time to complain to your local Postmaster.  I will be filing a formal complaint with the Palmdale office Monday.


  Karen Webb wrote:

Uh-oh!  No sput in northern Utah yet.  And even though Baha'is are 
teetotallers, even *I* know champagne and orange juice is called a 
Mimosa.  (Of course, my folks had an Old Mister Boston guide that I took 
interest in as a budding chemist :>D)
Karen (also getting up there in years...)

TSBryan at aol.com wrote:

  For the record, the December 2005 Sput that claims to have been mailed 
in Southern California on December 30, 2005 was received in Southern 
California on January 20, 2006. Not wrinkled, though.
A comment or three:
Thanks, Lynn, for putting together the wonderful retrospective on J. 
Randolph Railey. I only wish you had noted that it was, really, only 
in Yellowstone where he was known as "John". To the people in LA where 
he worked, to the people at the rest home where he died, he was 
"Randy". Yes. (And he often signed letters and such with "J. R. 
Railey", never (at least to me, never) with "John".
As for the rest of the Sput. Honestly, how can any good, 
totally-morally upstanding geyser gazer possibly know the answer to 
crossword puzzle clue 36-down "Orange juice and champagne mix"? I 
mean, really. Champagne? Cook's or Andre, maybe! But champagne? No, I 
have no idea as to that answer.
In addition, I find the puzzle impossible to finish, given that there 
are no clues (clews?) for 54-down, 55-down, and 57-down. Oh, 
buffudlement. Any hints, Ralph?
Lastly, can I take objection to Kristian Wang's comment, to wit: "In 
some ways I miss the days where I could learn from the older 
generation... snip ... Scott Bryan is still with us..." Hey, wow, gee, 
thanks. I'm not even 60, yet I'm old! Cool. (Buy the book!)
Old Guy


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