[Geysers] December 05 Sput

Karen Webb caros at aros.net
Sun Jan 22 09:29:21 PST 2006

Uh-oh!  No sput in northern Utah yet.  And even though Baha'is are 
teetotallers, even *I* know champagne and orange juice is called a 
Mimosa.  (Of course, my folks had an Old Mister Boston guide that I took 
interest in as a budding chemist :>D)
Karen (also getting up there in years...)

TSBryan at aol.com wrote:

> For the record, the December 2005 Sput that claims to have been mailed 
> in Southern California on December 30, 2005 was received in Southern 
> California on January 20, 2006. Not wrinkled, though.
> A comment or three:
> Thanks, Lynn, for putting together the wonderful retrospective on J. 
> Randolph Railey. I only wish you had noted that it was, really, only 
> in Yellowstone where he was known as "John". To the people in LA where 
> he worked, to the people at the rest home where he died, he was 
> "Randy". Yes. (And he often signed letters and such with "J. R. 
> Railey", never (at least to me, never) with "John".
> As for the rest of the Sput. Honestly, how can any good, 
> totally-morally upstanding geyser gazer possibly know the answer to 
> crossword puzzle clue 36-down "Orange juice and champagne mix"? I 
> mean, really. Champagne? Cook's or Andre, maybe! But champagne? No, I 
> have no idea as to that answer.
> In addition, I find the puzzle impossible to finish, given that there 
> are no clues (clews?) for 54-down, 55-down, and 57-down. Oh, 
> buffudlement. Any hints, Ralph?
> Lastly, can I take objection to Kristian Wang's comment, to wit: "In 
> some ways I miss the days where I could learn from the older 
> generation... snip ... Scott Bryan is still with us..." Hey, wow, gee, 
> thanks. I'm not even 60, yet I'm old! Cool. (Buy the book!)
> Old Guy
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