[Geysers] Mickey hot springs

Stephen J. Eide seide1 at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 17 23:44:43 PST 2006

Greetings and Salutations,

My daughter Michelle and I visited Mickey hot springs in Oregon on
Sunday the 15th.  The geyser there was barely active.  The water in the
vent of the geyser rises and falls on a cycle of about 4-14 seconds.  On
some of the rises the water becomes agitated at the time of high water,
about every third or fourth rise.  During some of the periods of
agitation there will actually be bubbles coming to the surface.  On some
of these occasions the bubbling is strong enough to become splashing to
about a foot or so, this occurs about once every minute or two, duration
of the splashing about one second.  In contrast about a year ago when I
visited there were splashing eruptions to about a foot or two about
every 12 seconds with a duration of 1-4 seconds.  We observed the area
for about two hours and saw the same activity throughout.  The thermal
feature to the east (NE?) of the geyser about 10-15 feet is now a
perpetual spouter with a height of about a foot.  Several of the
fumeroles to the east of that are no longer visible.  The hot springs to
the west of the geyser are about the same as a year ago.  The mud pots
further west are smaller and less active.  The thermal springs and old
pools on the north of the area are about the same.  I did manage to
remember my camera and I took pictures so to compare with on my next
visit.  The sign at the parking lot has been used for target practice
with a shotgun but is still completely readable.

Stephen Eide

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