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I have never been on a Iceland guided tour, but had a wonderful time using a
rental car. I visited during late June and early July. However, other than
the airfare, the trip was quite expensive. Using a tour would probably allow
a budget to be better maintained. For the normal geyser enthusiast, I would
recommend visiting Haukadalur and Hveravellir. If you're obsessed with every
small erupting spring, be prepared to talk to farmers and trudge across lots
of wet pastures.

There are several fine internet resources on Iceland hot springs, so make
sure to do a thorough web search. For instance, you might visit:

Also, you might try to find the book, Geysers and Hot Springs in Iceland by
Bjorn Hroarsson and Sigurdur Sveinn Jonsson. I found it very useful.


Alan Glennon
UCSB Geography

On 1/10/06, Beckykr at aol.com <Beckykr at aol.com> wrote:
> Sorry for being off-topic, but I don't know of a better place to ask.  Can
> anyone who has been to Iceland advise me privately on guided tours vs
> self-guided touring?  I'm not much of a guided tour person, but I guess
> sometimes there are good reasons to take one.  Any advice on travel in
> Iceland, good guidebooks, etc. is welcome.  My direct e-mail is
> beckykr at aol.com.
> Thanks!
> Becky Kraegel
> Atlanta, GA
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