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Tue Jan 3 09:10:31 PST 2006

Maybe scratch one (or two, or more) from the list... I just received an  
e-mail from Dr. Dan Smith, University of Leicester in Great Britain, who with  
others has done recent studies on the geothermal system of Savo Island,  Solomon 
Islands. He apologizes for the use of the word "geyser," given that all  
eruptive action is steady in the form of "plenty of" drowned fumaroles and  
perpetual spouters.
Other researchers, however, seem to have clearly described true geysers on  
Another Solomon locality stated to have geysers is on Vella Lavella Island,  
but photos I've seen of that area implies mudpots and fumaroles only.
I have now written to the Solomon's "Principal Volcanologist," whose  address 
I just received.
Scott Bryan
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