[Geysers] 1 & 2 September 2005--PLUME!

MaryBeth Schwarz mbschwar at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 2 15:18:33 PDT 2005

     On 1 Sept. Beehive was at 1229 (ind 1220).  There were two giant hot 
periods reported at 0911 (d~1m25s) and 1055ie (d>or = to 4m).  Grand was at 
0347 elec and 1228(TiQ).  The evening window for Grand was 1845-2145, but 
Grand had not erupted when the last people left at 2115 (electronic time is 
not available yet).  Ralph Friz said that Turban erupted from 1845 until 
1900 (yes, d=15 minutes) and from about 1900 to 1903 Grand's pool rose 
visibly.  The next Turban start was at 1915 (Interval ~30 minutes, so a 
Delay).  PLUME was seen at 1126 and 1719.  Artemisia was at 1958ie.

     Today, 2 September, Beehive was at 1131 (ind 1117).  Someone called a 
Giant hot period at 1203ie (d> or = to 7m) and Herb saw another at 1531 
(d~2m43s).  Grand was at 0449 electronic and 1313(G1C).  PLUME was at 0949 
and 1516.  Artemisia was seen at 1245ie.

     Mary Beth

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