[Geysers] Little Anemone!

carolyn loren caroloren98 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 15 14:43:03 PDT 2005

Little Anemone is active once again!  I just saw a dual, with Michael Lang, 
and Michael saw other eruptions (some dual, some solo) at 1316, 1329, 1340 
and 1354 on April 15.  He also got some Little Cub closed intervals of 1220, 
1315 and 1407, and Plumes at 1222, 1329 and 1435.  Beehive went at 1410 
(indicator 1408), Castle at 1355 (major), and Scuba at 1345.  I also saw 
Daisy, but cleverly left my watch by the sink at home (so was relieved to 
see Michael over on Geyser Hill).

This was my first day seeing much up close and personal for quite a while.  
Stu and I thought we'd walk the basin March 29 or so, but ended up watching 
the red-collared bear paw chase bison off and on (from the truck).  We first 
saw it on Geyser Hill, and maneuvered to keep watching to the Myriad Group 
and eventually Black Sand, over about an hour and a half.  Katy Duffy and 
friends saw this same bear near the Lone Star trailhead earlier that day.

There have been tracks near where we live often since then, and sightings of 
another grizzly on Geyser Hill and elsewhere nearby.  For those of you 
comiing in next week, this is more nearby activity than I remember in the 
other 5 between-seasons I've been here.  There's a trap at the new 
wastewater plant to try to capture the infamous red-collared bear, and 
there's apparently a carcass near Artemisia at the moment, and another near 
the Mallard Creek trailhead.   There may be 6 grizzlies between here and 
Midway.  So, I've done most of my gazing from Fern Cascade trail, on skis 
(yes, still, we got 3 or 4 inches yesterday), with bear spray.  Today I saw 
a protection ranger (Tim Townsend) jogging back from Daisy; that was good 
enough for me, to go as far as Grotto anyway.

Back to geyser news, Opal had no visible water on April 11, and very little 
steam.  Michael said Christine Maloney has seen it empty also, but I don't 
know when.

And, Roadside (West Thumb) was not overflowing down to Abyss, and also had 
no visible water (although it was steaming) on April 10.  Lakeside was 
erupting to 6 inches or so; Hillside was not in overflow.

Congress Pool was overflowing April 10.

See you soon,
Carolyn Loren

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