GOSA Transactions, Volume VIII, 2003




178 pages.

  • Two papers by Dr. Donald E. White — A GOSA Memoir. Early 1970s Rejuvenation of the Daisy Geyser Group — A GOSA Memoir.
  • El Tatio Geyser Field, Chile — A Special Report.
  • Statistical Analysis of Old Faithful Geyser, 1996 versus 1997.
  • Major Eruptions of Butterfly Spring — A history with several contributed photographs.
  • The Geyser Hill Wave, April to June, 2003.
  • Major Activity of Link Geyser in 2002.
  • Fan and Mortar Geysers in 2002.
  • Changing Eruptive Activity of Artemisia Geyser.
  • Geyser Activity in the Myriad Group, December 1998 through March 2001.
  • Discovery and Activity of “Phoenix Geyser”.
  • Geyser Activity at Shoshone Geyser Basin, 1988–2003.
  • The Activity of Glade Geyser, 1997–2002.
  • Who Were Oastler and Hawkes?
  • Mud Pots and Geysers near Salton Sea, California.


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