GOSA Transactions, Volume VI, 1998




250 pages

  • A Photo Display. Patterns in the IBEs of Giantess Geyser.
  • Pre-Eruptive Behavior of Oblong Geyser.
  • Probablistic Geyser Gazing: Sprinkler Geyser 1992-’95.
  • The Rotorua Geothermal Field NZ: Geysers in New Zealand.
  • Massive Regular Bubble Production by Botryoidal Spring During Aug.1996.
  • The Location of Oblique Geyser.
  • Notes on “Pocket Basin Geyser”.
  • “A Pronounced Weakness for Geysers”: Early Geyser Gazers in Yellowstone.
  • A View form Fountain Overlook Jul.-Aug.1994. Beehive’s Indicator Geyser, The “False Indicator” Series of Early July 1994.
  • Pyramid Geyser, Sep.-Oct.1995, Sep.-Oct.1996.
  • The Explosive History of Wall Pool and Black Opal Pool in Biscuit Basin.
  • Jewel Geyser as the “New Handkerchief Pool”.
  • Minor Eruption by Castle Geyser, Interval and Durational Relationships, May 25-Jun.16, 1995.
  • Sentinal Meadows and Flat Cone “Geyser”.
  • Discovery of the 1926 Old Faithful Nature Trail Manuscript and a Discussion of the Implication for Hot Spring Researchers.
  • Recorded Observations of Thermal Activity at Shoshone Geyser Basin, 1988-’97.
  • Excerpts from “A Vagabond in the Yellowstone”, Oct 11, 1915. Splendid Geyser in 1985-‘86.
  • Hillside Geyser in West Thumb. Giant Geyser: the Giant Eruption of Sep.15, 1995.
  • Observations of Flood Geyser in 1983-’84.
  • A Non-Linear Perspective on the Dynamics of Yellowstone’s Plume Geyser. Excursion to the Kamchatka Geysers.


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