GOSA Transactions, Volume IX, 2005




198 pages.

  • The Geysers of Lake Bogoria, Kenya Rift Valley, Africa, a Special Report.
  • Photographs Remembering Vitalii A. Nikolayenko, a GOSA Memorial.
  • Monthly Interval Variations by Beehive Geyser and Vicinity, Summer 2004.
  • The Relationship Between the Timing of Rift Geyser Eruption Starts and the Length of Grand Geyser’s Intervals.
  • Fan and Mortar Geysers in 2003.
  • The Eruptive Patterns of Atomizer Geyser, an Historical and Quantitative Examination.
  • The Birth of “Aftershock” Geyser.
  • Recent Activity of “Secluded” Geyser (UNNG-PMG-4), Upper Geyser Basin.
  • Hot Spring Activity of the Pine Springs Group, Upper Geyser Basin.
  • The Lower White Creek Group Since 1996.
  • The Bimodality of Bead Geyser, Pink Cone Group, Lower Geyser Basin.
  • Geyser Activity in the Kaleidoscope Group, Lower Geyser Basin, 2003-2004.
  • Geyser Activity of Taurus Spring and Water Fluctuations in the Orion Group, Shoshone Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park.
  • Geyser Activity at Heart Lake Geyser Basin, 1993-2003.
  • A Visit to Smoke Jumper Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park.
  • Southern California’s “Soda Springs” and “Oh My God Hot Spring”, another possible mud pot locality near the Salton Sea.
  • Geology of the Soda Dam Travertine Deposits, Sandoval County, New Mexico.
  • Geysers in Bolivia, a Summary of Possibilities.
  • The Operation and Geography of Carbon Dioxide-Driven, Cold Water Geysers.
  • A Guide to Making Proposals for Place Names of Thermal Features in Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming (a National Park Service document).


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