GOSA Transactions, Volume IV, 1993



222 pages.

  • Yellowstone Geysers Known Active in 1992.
  • Cyclic Hot Spring Activity on Geyser Hill – Graphical and Interpretive Descriptions of the Geyser Hill Wave, Diurnal Effects, Seasonal Disturbances, Random (Chaotic?) Events, and Earthquakes.
  • Evidence for the Geyser Hill Wave and Diurnal Effects on Geyser Hill During the 1980’s.
  • Why Mortar is Fan: An analysis of the History of the Fan and Mortar Geyser Complex.
  • Fan and Mortar Geysers in the Summers of 1991 and 1992.
  • Activity in East Sentinel Geyser, 1991 and 1992, with Historical Perspectives.
  • Atomizer Geyser and its Major Intervals: July-August, 1985, with notes on changes since 1985.
  • Jewel Geyser: 5 August 1992 and 27 September 1992.
  • A New Look at the Fountain Group.
  • Geyser Springs, Gibbon Geyser Basin – Historical and Current Observations.
  • A Visit to Joseph’s Coat Springs, Coffee Pot Hot Springs and “Fairyland Basin”.
  • Visitors to Yellowstone Hot Springs Before 1870.
  • Mickey Hot Springs, Harney County, Oregon- Observations of March 27-29, 1992.
  • The Discovery of Kamchatka’s “Valley of Geysers”.


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