GOSA Transactions, Volume II, 1990




154 pages.

  • Geysers Active in 1989. “Monarch of All These Mighty Wonders”
  • Tourists and Yellowstone’s Excelsior Geyser, 1881-1890.
  • Activity of “Carapace” Geyser.
  • A Short Study of Jewel Geyser, 5-16 August, 1989.
  • Investigations of Patterns of Minor and Major Activity of Steamboat Geyser, 1982-1984.
  • A Summary of the General and Geothermal Geology of the Long Valley – Mono Lake Region, Mono County, California.
  • Activity of Valentine Geyser and Other Related Features.
  • The Sentinel Group: Historical Perspective and Present Day Activity.
  • Narcissus Revisited.
  • The Cold Water Geysers of Utah 1: Observations of Woodside Geyser.
  • The Cold Water Geysers of Utah 2: Observations of Crystal Geyser.
  • Description of Valley Hot Springs, Beowawe, Nevada, 1972-1986.


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