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Silex Spring



Silex Spring before the eruption activity in Early August 2000.

The following pictures show Silex Spring on August 5, 2000, the second day of activity following nearly 21 years of dormancy. As is common in a newly reacitvated geyser, the water is very muddy. I reportedly celared within a few days as the silt and mud was washed from the geyser..

The crowd waitng for an eruption, August 5, 2000.

An eruption.

Drain after an eruption.

Refilling after an eruption.

Silex Erupting,

Partially Drained,



Eruption Start



Nearly There,

Maximum Height.

The picture below shows Silex in its spring mode after the muddy water stirred up from by the eruption has cleared. It took under two days to fully clear.

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