GOSA (The Geyser Observation and Study Association) Shoshone
Geyser Basin

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Please read the WARNING about traveling safely in backcountry thermal areas.

[Shoshone Geyser Basin Introduction provided by Tara Cross.]

Shoshone Geyser Basin can be accessed by several different routes. The simplest of these is to take the trail to Shoshone Lake from Lone Star Geyser (accessed from the Lone Star trailhead near Kepler Cascades). See the trail map. The geyser basin is about 6 miles from Lone Star. There are two campsites nearby: 8R5, the closer and more desirable of the two, and 8T1, which requires wading a swamp to reach.

The Little Giant, Minute Man, Orion, and Camp Groups are located on the east side of Shoshone Creek, near the trail. In order to reach the springs in the North, South, and Fall Creek Groups, it is necessary to cross the creek. This can be done by wading across (the best place for this is at the bottom of Minute Man's runoff channel) or crossing on a large fallen tree trunk located below (to the south of) Union Geyser and Geyser Cone.

A number of features in this geyser basin, most notably Little Bulger, Minute Man, and Union Geysers, have suffered from vandalism. Vandalism leaves ugly scars and sometimes does irreversible damage to geysers and hot springs. Throwing rocks