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Castle Group: - Map

[Castle Group introduction provided by Kyle Chumbley.]

Castle Geyser is surrounded by a number of smaller geysers of which several are very active. The majority of the group lies on the same side of the Firehole River as Old Faithful, while on the other side are the Grand and Sawmill Groups. Castle itself is quite possibly the oldest geyser in Yellowstone, as suggested by its enormous cone. Most of the activity in this group occurs on or near the broad sinter mound crowned by Castle Geyser’s cone.

The more active members of the group are: Tortoise Shell Spring, Castle, Gizmo, Sprinkler, Spanker, Deleted Teakettle, and Tilt Geysers. Also in the group are Spatter and Chimney Geysers, and the Terra Cotta Springs. Crested Pool, a hot, active, and unfortunately deadly pool, is also in this group.

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