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Although it erupts from what appears to be a very old hole in the sinter, known eruptions from Boardwalk/Abrupt are a fairly recent phenomenon. Eruptions were first seen in 1992. Because of this, no name has yet been officially given to this geyser and no unofficial name has been universally accepted. Thus the two names. Both names are frequently heard in Yellowstone. Boardwalk erupts with an angled plume to 10-15 feet, its durations are 15-20 minutes (when it was first seen durations were as much as 40 minutes) and its intervals are usually 1.5-12 hours although it has been known to go dormant. From a distance, Boardwalk can be distinguished from Plate Geyser by the steady jetting of its angled plume and the duration of the eruption.

What to look for:
Boardwalk is considered to be dormant. The last known eruption occurred on 12 June 2006.

Electronic Monitor Files
Boardwalk Geyser eruptions for 1998.txtBoardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2000.txt
Boardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2001.txtBoardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2002.txt
Boardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2003.txtBoardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2004.txt
Boardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2005.txtBoardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2006.txt
Boardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2007.txtBoardwalk Geyser eruptions for 2008.txt

Some of the temperature data used to derive the eruption times and durations used in this section were collected by Ralph Taylor under a National Park Service research permit, and the remainder was collected by personnel working for the Geology Department of the Yellowstone Center for Resources (including Ralph Taylor). The loggers are a combination of loggers owned by the NPS and Ralph Taylor. Analysis of the raw temperature data to extract the eruption data was performed by Ralph Taylor. The eruption time files on this website may be used provided that Yellowstone National Park is credited for the temperature data and Ralph Taylor is credited for the eruption times.

Activity Recorded by Data Logger - by Ralph Taylor  

Boardwalk Geyser has been monitored electronically since 2000, and for a few months in 1998. Data from 1998, 2000, and 2001 covers only the summer months, generally from late June to early October. Since July of 2003 the temperature record is nearly complete. The analysis shown here, however, has a gap from about September 2004 to June 2005 when the activity recorded was difficult to characterize. The sensor for Boardwalk Geyser is located about midway between Boardwalk's vent and the vent of "Park Place" geyser, and eruptions of both features register on the temperature trace.

Activity in 2009  
Boardwalk is currently dormant. The last known activity occurred on 12 June 2006. The logger was removed on 10 June 2007, so no further information will be available unless activity resumes and a logger is available.

Activity since 1998  
Boardwalk has been active each year that I have had a logger in the area, but the activity tended to be sporadic. During some seasons eruptions occurred with regularity, but there are long periods with no activity at all. The first graph is a plot of interval against time. As the intervals range from a few hours to nearly 20 days, the patterns are hard to discern. The activity recorded in the summer months of 1998 and 2000 had no intervals of even two days, but by 2001 long intervals were occurring. Because of the irregularity of the activity, I have not included any other analysis of the full record.

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Activity in 2008
Activity in 2007
Activity in 2006
Activity in 2005

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A rare concerted eruption of Boardwalk Geyser (eruption just starting on the left) and Plate Geyser.

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Boardwalk Geyser as seen from the boardwalk near Sponge Geyser. Notice the start of an eruption of Old Faithful in the background.

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