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  Atomizer Geyser
Feature Type: Geyser
Geyser/Spring Type: Cone geyser

Upper Geyser Basin
Cascade Group

Atomizer erupts in series. The series consists of 3-5 minor eruptions and culminates in a major eruption. Minor eruptions last about one minute and reach up to 30 feet. The water-phase of the major eruption lasts 8-10 minutes and reaches 40-50 feet. This water-phase is followed by one of the best steam-phase eruptions in Yellowstone National Park. There are only a handful of other geysers, all of them fairly rare, that have louder and more impressive steam-phases than Atomizer.

Atomizer is a cone-type geyser. It consists of two cones each about 3 feet high. The jetting comes from the left-hand cone. The right-hand cone, or mound, only exhibits activity during a major eruption. This activity consists of the spraying of a fine mist to a few feet. It is this fine mist that gave Atomizer its name.

Atomizer is located behind Artemisia geyser. Unfortunately, there is no way to get a close look at it but it is a fun companion on those long Artemisia waits. The possibility of a major eruption with its accompanying steam-phase, which is easily heard from the trails in the area, makes Atomizer a truly fun, if often overlooked, geyser.

What to look for:
It takes about 6 hours for Atomizer's water levels to recover after a major eruption. Once the water levels recover, Atomizer has brief periods of overflow every few minutes. These periods of overflow continue for about 2-4 hours until Atomizer has its first minor eruption of the series. The interval between each of the minor eruptions is usually about one hour, although sometimes intervals between minor eruptions can be 2 to 5 hours. There are usually 4-6 minor eruptions prior to the major eruption, which ends the series. The interval between the last minor and the major eruption is often around one hour but can be as short as 7 minutes or as long as 1.5 hours.

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