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  Artesia Geyser
Feature Type: Geyser
Geyser/Spring Type:

Lower Geyser Basin
Black Warrior of Firehole Lake Group

[The description of Artesia was provided by Steve Gryc.]

Artesia Geyser has been confused with Gray Bulger Geyser in the past, but Artesia is separate from the group of vents that make up the Young Hopeful/Bulger Geyser complex and is further east along the Firehole Lake boardwalk. Artesia usually acts as a perpetual spouter erupting from two vent s, with one column of water angled slightly toward the boardwalk and another smaller column angled sharply toward Firehole Lake. During most recent years the height has been no more than five feet. In the summer of 1999, however, the vent closest to the boardwalk emitted bursts up to about 12 feet while the other vent emitted steam only. The recent activity can be called perpetual though the water is ejected in bursts rather than in a steady column.

What to look for:
No description available

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